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JB ART Paintings - Page 4

  • Programs without which no user can work at the computer

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    Read Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval art paintings for sale

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    Programs without which no user can work at the computer

    On this page, the programs are selected, without which no user can work at the computer, therefore constantly monitors the updating of the programs, so that you, our regular readers, always free to download the most current versions of the programs. Click on the picture and go to the site!
    Important! Downloading the program does not require registration or sending SMS.
    I ask all users not to give a direct link to download programs to their friends or acquaintances. I advise giving a link directly to the site page, because the program name or link can change. Thus, the link to the program will not be valid.
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    A series of messages "Necessary sites":
    Part 1 - All large and well-known search engines on one site. Part 2 - To all lovers of the old cinema .... Part 7 - Online Calculators, for all occasions! Part 8 - ONE SITE ELECTRONIC VERSIONS OF ALL POPULAR PRINTED EDITIONS COLLECTED Part 9 - Programs without which no user can work on the computer Part 10 - A wonderful site SPECTACLE ONLINE! Part 11 - Everything you would like to know, but were afraid to ask about it ... ... Part 17 - Piranha Kom - a collection of online TV channels, broadcast from all over the world. Part 18 - A wonderful site where you can listen to audiobooks online. Part 19 - A selection of speeches of the most famous humorists

  • The village of Lubresac (Lubresac), France

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    The village of Lubresac (Lubresac), France

    Lubrassac is a French outback Judy Stabile paintings

    that is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in France. Lubrécac is located in the province of Dordogne, 450 km from Paris. Far away you can see the majestic ledges of the Central Massif and the regal silhouette of Castelno Castle.

    Above the village there is an ancient manor of the 15th century, the barons of Lubrassa. The shady central square of the village hides the squat old 12th century church, renewed during the Renaissance period. The village is especially beautiful in the autumn, illuminated by the sun and gold of foliage.

  • Dmitry Bykov: it bursts with God's patience

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    bulls: it bursts with God's patience

    "And, behold, the Lord will pass away, and a great and strong wind, tearing mountains and breaking rocks before the Lord, but not in the wind Lord, after the wind an earthquake, but not in the earthquake of the Lord, after the earthquake fire, but not in fire the Lord; quiet wind, and there the Lord "
    (1 Kings 19: 11-12).

    This whole year, with his anguish and malice, from all the cracks that have suddenly become useful, I hear a note uneasy, a special sound, to any voice, like a sizzle, like a foam on the foam, the rustle of a pebble after a storm in the Crimea, the snuffling of a waiting animal, but only the beast can not be seen by anyone.

    And so, while they are throwing nonsense, and they lie, as usual, they have their roots, plus they are already being mocked by the last ones, who have not gone away and have not become like them, while they shake their own stories about the main-native with a rattle, and blood, and vodka his quiet horror before tomorrow, as long as they twitch, like a hanged man, boringly sticking out his tongue-pomelo - I hear a voice, imperceptibly mixed with the Trololo, which has not changed. And through the stupefaction which has attacked everyone, he is more and more clearly heard to me - as if the teapot is nocturnal, its boiling on low heat.

    As the prudential tensions are ripening, digging trenches and laying trenches, the latent movement is heard more clearly, yet distinct for sensitive ears. The Lord is not in the wind, in the hurricane, and in the rumbling - so a frightened demon can act; and the growth of madness and lust is always punished not by thunder from heaven; The Lord does not act either by shouting or by gunpowder - his almost inaudible voice is accompanied by a mysterious rustle with which foam sometimes bursts, and now I feel, feel, feel, at least admit and do not want to myself - as in the thunderous cacophony of the vile already intertwines the most delicate "Chu "...

    While the latter are the first, there are no orders, no schemes, it is sweet to me, like angels singing after darkness, behind clouds, behind everything: such a quiet, almost a cappel, invulnerable to disputes and fights.

    It's bursting with God's patience.

    It does burst like this.

    Dmitry Bykov

    http://gor Michael Cheval art