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JB ART Paintings - Page 3

  • Lou Ros: originally from graffiti

    The paintings of this artist are reminiscent of something elusive to each of their viewers. But this "something" can be caught only when you recognize the recognition of the artist. "I come from graffiti," proudly declares Lou Ros. And really. A comparatively small portrait, if we mentally tear it away from the scale limited by the exposure window, becomes clearly represented on the street wall. Moreover, it would be best viewed from a distance of about fifty meters - then all the colored reflections find their place and precise borders and straight lines become relevant.



    But the walls of Paris, among which this French artist lives, are not easels for his paintings. Only the standard paintings created in the workshop, through oil, gouache and acrylic. He paints very instinctively, in his manner inheriting the expressionists, who since childhood have captured his imagination. Through colors, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the picture, he tries to create images that seem to be spatial phenomena rather than reflections of specific objects. Moreover, Lou Ros honestly admits that creating a picture often does not have a clear idea of the final result. And sometimes it stops work much earlier than it seems complete. Its main goal is to leave the viewer's imagination open, not to limit his fantasies. All this seems to him incomparably more important than any academic concept of exposition, object or structure. That's why only graffiti is able to express everything that he would like to convey to other people. After all, his paintings - this is not what he created, but what the viewer saw.









    by Michael Cheval art for sale

  • John Frederick Herring, Sr paintings art

    I am a child of absolute hand residual star, cucumber eggplant painted the same, the art class of the opposite of the kind of textbooks.
    Had no more like painting, one day suddenly itchy.
    Completely self-study, absolutely zero basis, and consequently do not understand, because it is to ease the work pressure so casually painting ... ...
    Do not say the above figure:
    First painted, readily painted. Feel like a kid.


    And later has been so, anyway, a lot of painting faster.


    The first to receive the encouragement and praise is this:


    And then work busy on the dog, almost no longer painted a year This is not the most recent painting:



    Anyway, do not rely on this money to eat it! Like to hook a few pen, the right to entertain themselves ~
    Recently painted a picture, the first painting characters, not painting eyes


    John Frederick Herring, Sr paintings for sale

  • Édouard Manet Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets Painting

    Only drew the winter vacation, and now trying to take beautiful photos before painting oil painting, feeling and opened up a new world, because there is no master paintings can reference, the need to deal with all colors, light, difficult suddenly came up, but also more interesting and understanding of the scenery, can take own feelings into the inside. The painting will continue to be updated

    In summary, in fact, oil painting is not as hard as I thought before, it is easy to get started; I don't have that much skill, and I have to figure it out once or twice. The most important thing is to have a love of oil painting, love the art of the heart ~ interested friends don't hesitate, start painting quickly

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    2017.6.14 update

    Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony, there is a little excitement inside. I have just finished painting a small painting and I wonder whether the black eye will fall to my chin tomorrow morning.

    Comments this time someone said I shouldn't say oil painting is very simple, in this statement, because the topic based oil painting hard self-study is zero, so in this context, I mean to like painting but don't dare to try friend started to draw and paint a beautiful picture is not difficult, but to do professional level there is still a long way to go, so I hope don't spray pro

    Anyway, no matter how many, start to post the results of these months!


    Oil painting: 30 * 40

    This is the first time I have been painting the picture. The picture was taken last year in gulangyu, xiamen, and it is very summer. In the picture no imagination in so difficult, personal feeling is very important point is to a certain extent, ignore the high pixel camera/mobile phone according to the details, and then pay attention to some contrast can make it.


    The tenth painting, 60 * 90

    My star series add new members! After three small starry sky, the color of the color and the use of toothbrushes to spray the stars are becoming more and more comfortable. However, I am sad that every time I draw the small people to trace, the description is chubby.


    Oil painting: 60 * 90

    This painting is also painted on my own. It's a beautiful scene outside of me. The most satisfying part is the sky, palm, and the shrubs in the lower left corner. The surface of the water seemed to be bright, not quite as objective. On the whole, I am satisfied


    12 paintings: 20 times 20

    This small painting is a friend on weibo that says I like it very much, and I helped her draw it. I love the cool color of this painting. It's full of summer flavor. More and more, the more colorful the color, the more harmonious and vivid the picture.


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    2017.6.20 update



    Édouard Manet Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets Painting Reproductions

    The thirteenth oil painting: the flower skirt of the goddess

    This painting is the most creative one I've ever painted! The background of the sky blue was to draw the bottom of the sea, but more and more, it was difficult to draw with the depth of the picture. I bought a bunch of peony in the middle of the vase, and it was beautiful. When the flowers wither quickly, take the petals one by one, in the thick book, a few weeks later, found that the petals as thin as cicada and the color of fresh, so aroused the beautiful petals ornament on the skirt. Skirt shape is quite simple, the key is to reflect the feeling of gauze, diluting the white pigments with different amount of oil, can reflect the effect of different thick veils, but to complete this step is the premise of the base completely dry. Take advantage of the fresh paint not to dry, gently sticky the petals, then brush a layer of oil on the surface of the petals to be successful!