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Frank Feldman - French chansonnier

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Frank Feldman - non-kosher French chansonnier

I do not know from which musical source I got a simple French song in my head. The song did not pull the classical chanson, and I could not carry it to any section, because was busy driving out the "nahalka" from memory. In the end, the effect of Solomon worked and "IT" also passed. Recently, I heard a familiar Susan Ryder paintings

song on LiRu again. The quality was good and the player was designed correctly, by which I learned that the song of François Feldman "Les Valses De Vienne" sounds. I immediately puffed through the net and today everything has downloaded from me that our pirates managed to get rid of the poor Jew. I found out what I learned, and I spread it here, but I did not have time to get acquainted, I was eager to introduce you to the fake French chansonnier. He even looks a little like our Leps in the photo. I liked his style and liked the melodies and I will be happy if he does not leave you indifferent.

Attention! "Sticky" song "Les Valses De Vienne" in my playlist is in first place

A big fan of soul music, James Brown, Marvin Gay and Stevie Wonder, his first team François Feldman (François Feldman) founded in 14 years. In 1980 he wrote the first song "You want every night", which was ignored by French radio stations, but over the ocean it was treated with more love - the song entered the top 40 of New York. Two years later, the singer signed a contract with the label Barclay, for which he recorded several records, including "Ma petite video (82)", "Wally Boule Noire (84)", "Obsession (84)" and "Amour de corridor (85)" . In 1986, already on Big Bang Records (a subdivision of Phonogram), the single "Rien que pour toi" was released, which took the fifth line of the national hit parade and sold three hundred thousand copies. In 1989 and 1990 albums were published

"Vivre, Vivre" and "Une Présence", which includes the hit single "Les Valses de Vienne", which became one of the best-selling in France in 1990. In the early 90's two more albums were released - "Magic 'Boul'vard" (1991) and "Indigo" (1993). In 1996, Feldman recorded the record "A Contre Jour", in the next two years - "Couleurs d'Origine". At the turn of the millennium came a collection of ballads. In April 2003 - a compilation of the 18 best tracks. In 2004, he released another album - "Des L'armes Et De L'amour".

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