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Victoria Cherlenyuk. Coffee is not just a drink, it's a drink of love ....

            A cozy evening with a cup of coffee!
And although some of the comrades and perform, but you can and strong))

Coffee is not just a drink, it's a drink of love ....
Because she, love, often begins,
Begins with a banal phrase:
"Let me invite you to a cup of coffee ...".

Natasha Ruzickaya


- Double and without sugar.
Penka for coffee was like a galactic spiral. She turned slowly. The vesicles in its branches exploded like supernovae. A small universe.
I took a sip, - and the universe cringed, frightened. To drink - or how? And what if there was a whole world in this white public cup, peacefully landed under a lilac astra on a table in a cozy university canteen? And even - the bearers of the mind ??
Another sip. The coffee was strong, invigorating, slightly bitter, like a well-prepared noble drink. The galactic spiral noticeably faded away, turning into shreds of a supernumerary nebula.


"Maybe another cup?" - At the edge of the saucer sat a small coffee-colored creature and affectionately stretched out my limb.
Forms it was uncertain, everything seemed to flow, but undoubtedly was the bearer of reason. And wanted to make contact.
- One minute. - I took a more comfortable tea (or in this case it should be called coffee?) Spoon.
- We are glad that you, as a representative of the macro-view, paid attention to our existence. - The creature's voice was soft, intelligent, with a slightly noticeable English accent. "Our world is very different from yours, but, you see, time is four-dimensional ..."
- Well, of course. - I carefully brought the spoon to the creature and, having caught it, flopped it back into the cup.
To be faithful, she stirred. I tried it. Strong, invigorating, only, it seems, became bitter. Good coffee is cooked in our canteen.
I handed over the dirty dishes and went to the seminar. The seminar was called "Possible ways of detecting extraterrestrial civilizations" and I really liked it. I did not want to be late for him.

Vinogradova Tatyana Evgenevna





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