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Lou Ros: originally from graffiti

The paintings of this artist are reminiscent of something elusive to each of their viewers. But this "something" can be caught only when you recognize the recognition of the artist. "I come from graffiti," proudly declares Lou Ros. And really. A comparatively small portrait, if we mentally tear it away from the scale limited by the exposure window, becomes clearly represented on the street wall. Moreover, it would be best viewed from a distance of about fifty meters - then all the colored reflections find their place and precise borders and straight lines become relevant.



But the walls of Paris, among which this French artist lives, are not easels for his paintings. Only the standard paintings created in the workshop, through oil, gouache and acrylic. He paints very instinctively, in his manner inheriting the expressionists, who since childhood have captured his imagination. Through colors, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the picture, he tries to create images that seem to be spatial phenomena rather than reflections of specific objects. Moreover, Lou Ros honestly admits that creating a picture often does not have a clear idea of the final result. And sometimes it stops work much earlier than it seems complete. Its main goal is to leave the viewer's imagination open, not to limit his fantasies. All this seems to him incomparably more important than any academic concept of exposition, object or structure. That's why only graffiti is able to express everything that he would like to convey to other people. After all, his paintings - this is not what he created, but what the viewer saw.









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