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John Frederick Herring, Sr paintings art

I am a child of absolute hand residual star, cucumber eggplant painted the same, the art class of the opposite of the kind of textbooks.
Had no more like painting, one day suddenly itchy.
Completely self-study, absolutely zero basis, and consequently do not understand, because it is to ease the work pressure so casually painting ... ...
Do not say the above figure:
First painted, readily painted. Feel like a kid.


And later has been so, anyway, a lot of painting faster.


The first to receive the encouragement and praise is this:


And then work busy on the dog, almost no longer painted a year This is not the most recent painting:



Anyway, do not rely on this money to eat it! Like to hook a few pen, the right to entertain themselves ~
Recently painted a picture, the first painting characters, not painting eyes


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