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paintings This is the snow correction fluid that visual sense

This is the snow correction fluid that visual sense.
And oil paint is squeezed out of the sauce purple:


Is the spicy texture! The The
Ha ha ha ha, Van Gogh teacher, I come to copy you!


I took the brush with a blue roughly to the painting hit a type (because the pencil can not draw up ...), as to why the blue, because the Vatican teacher is also a sauce to play (the principle of film with the green screen). Then on a little color, texture is indeed different. However, still feel the lack of texture. This barley does not roll it ...
Then I increased the intensity of color: remember a friend in the MOMA seen Van Gogh's original said after a "relief" (pictured)


So I think it is also a relief.
So when I painted the sky when I once again carry forward the paint pigments do not money style ... ...


reproductions paintings for sale
But the feeling is weak or weak.
Then I directly to a large paint on the screen directly to the "shape", ha ha ha, cool to the. (Which, in the passion of the creation of the floor directly on the floor slippers on the slippers (good oil paint can be directly wiped away), but the problem came, the pigment once too thick will make the back of the color is not good.
Feel like painting on cream cake with cream!


Pierre Auguste Renoir Two Sisters(also known as On the Terrace) oil painting reproductions

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