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I make the portrait of the process - Chao Ge

1 Sketch:
Sketch preparation is the key to creation, sketch clear and mature is the author's thoughts and feelings, comprehensive expression and composition of the concentrated expression of the draft must be the basic expression of this painting and image specific to determine.
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2 on the canvas:
I usually used to enlarge the sketch to get my accurate and sure, the sketch in the draft after the enlargement and then make some necessary changes and in-depth specific enrichment, I hope the manuscript stage has shown a clear expression.

3 Coloring:
My expression is more emphasis on directness, I say more important first impression, I would choose to play a key role in the local start, so the first color often determines the color of the whole expression expression.
The face of the character is undoubtedly the most important, I asked myself to feel the best time to paint some of the painting for a part of the painting, which requires a good grasp of each pen shape ups and downs; color intensity and thickness of the thick layer Sometimes the picture will appear unintended effect, this is the natural imagination of painting, then in my working methods, there are good control and confirmation is very important. Generally speaking, I at this stage of the painting is not very regular, only in a few related parts of the same time began to draw, some parts need to be repeated to draw.

4 Overall adjustment:
This stage is critical. Need more patience, this stage is not as easy as the last stage of pleasure, that is the stage of emotional development, more excited, but this stage is to make up some of the weak part of the screen, on the other hand is to make the screen each Some are full of expression and appeal, and sometimes at this stage can also be a very exciting situation, which is what I hope.

Generally speaking, my expression is to adapt to their strong intuition, I believe that different expressions are created by the different artistic temperament, if friends help, I will be very happy.

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